Friday, November 9th, 2012

BY Craig Walker, CEO

Give an extra professional touch to your conference calls with a toll free number. Toll free makes it easy for people to dial in from any phone without worrying about long distance charges. With ÜberConference toll free conferencing you get unlimited toll free calls and all the ÜberConference Pro and regular features for just $20 a month.

Traditional toll free conference call providers charge by the minute for each leg of the conference call, and often include additional fees and even hidden charges.  These costs can add up and can vary widely from month to month depending on how many calls you make and the number of people in your calls.  Usage rules can even be complicated and misleading. We hate these types of practices and think people deserve better. So for just $20 a month you can call as much as you like and skip all the guesswork of what you might be charged.  It’s simple to understand and manage, and for that rate you are likely to save a lot of money as well.

ÜberConference toll free conference numbers come with an ÜberConference Pro subscription, which offers increased conference size up to forty participants, the ability to call out to join people into conference calls, recurring conferences, and custom hold music. Also included are all the core award-winning ÜberConference features. Know who is on the call and who is talking with the rich visual conferencing interface with social contact integration, and run calls smoothly with robust call management features like mute, earmuff, group chat, and call recording.

To get your toll free number, select the toll free number option when you upgrade your free account to ÜberConference Pro.  If you are already a Pro user, you can click on the Get More page in your account and the toll free number option to upgrade your account.  This will allow you to switch your local dial in number with a toll free number, and will change your monthly bill from $10 a month to $20 a month.